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Crazy Cool Hong Kong


Unlike Paris, the city of Hong Kong is completely organic.
Like a Lego City built by a 4-Year-old. Block upon block creating high towers, small kiosks with loads of mismatched colour and tons of small moveable accessories that all have their purpose and story – this is crazy, cool Hong Kong.
There is no grid, no meticulous planning, no unanimity, no organization – what you get is organic and visually energizing. I have walked down this same street dozens of times and I notice something different, my eyes are drawn simultaneously all over the place trying to take in all the detail.
The washing that hangs on the skyscrapers reaching 50 stories, small neon signs begging for you to try the foot massages, road works with their vivid yellow and black cautionary boards, unguarded street-food stalls spewing steam and the strong smell of cuisine cooking, bamboo poles ascending up the sides of weakened structures.

The juxtaposition of colour, the disorganization of the shops overlapping each other and the typography of the millions of signs attracting ones attention is a creative mind’s playground. It’s busy, messy, disorganized, and yet, just like the Lego city everything has it’s use and story.

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