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Cape Town’s top five beaches

So, you’re off to Cape Town! Excellent news! You’ll have a long list of things to do, see, hear and eat and if you’re looking for the top 5 beaches to visit – then you’ve come to the right place. The best time of year to visit Cape Town is November through to March – it’s hot and sunny and also a superb time to escape the northern hemisphere too, which is exactly what we did this year! Check this out for packing tips!

While there are other beautiful beaches around the world, many of them are private, overly crowded with sun-gazers or cultivated for tourists. Cape Town’s beaches are public beaches of natural beauty and rarely over-crowded – and anyway, you can always elbow yourself a spot without too many glares. All the beaches are accessible by road, although a few you’ll have to do a workout of stairs before reaching the bottom – but I promise, it’s totally worth it, and you’re calves will thank you later!

Camps Bay Beach
This is one of the more accessible beaches in Cape Town, you can be dropped off in front of the beach by taxi / Uber or find parking across the road or up the side streets. With a vibey strip of restaurants, cafés, convenience stores and boutiques (my faves being Vida e Caffé, Kauai, Mezapoli ) you can spend the whole day here. There is lots of activity on this beach and a mix of families, teens and singles hanging out and at sunset you’ll find a plethora of blankets and towels with picnic baskets dotted all along the seashore. It’s a long and wide beach so there is acres of space to spread out and if you really don’t feel like moving a bronzed muscle, there are plenty of drink and ice-cream sellers to serve you. You’ll soon know their “Granadilla lolly to make you jolly, water for your daughter” jingle by heart! The best part of this beach… the magnificent backdrop of the Twelve Apostles Mountains!


Llandudno Beach
Before you even reach this visual feast of tranquility and beauty, you’ll meander along the winding way of Victoria Road from Camps Bay, one side dropping sharply into the ocean while the opposite steeply climbs the protected Oudekraal Nature Reserve. You’ll pass the famous Twelve Apostles Hotel and can also do a road-side stop and grab yourself a giant wooden-carved giraffe. The drive sets the vibe perfectly for the relaxing, rugged and almost-secluded beach of Llandudno with its breath-taking ocean view embraced by large granite boulders and its clean, white, soft sand – but be warned that the water is icy-cold!
While there’s no food to buy here, you’ll find lots of families packing a picnic and enjoying ice-creams and cold drinks bought from the roomys* vendors and sunbrellas can also be hired on the beach. There are life guards on duty in the summer and the beach is also home to the Llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club – so you’re in good hands.
*ice-cream in Afrikaans


Clifton Beach
Clifton is technically made up of 4 smaller beaches neatly hugged by rocks, but you can move freely between all of them. This season we spent our time on Clifton 2nd which is (according to the kids-in-the-know) an easy swimming beach for the smaller humans amongst us. You have to climb stairs down from the road to reach the beaches below but this makes the Clifton beaches well protected from the wind – which can be pretty strong some days – so on these hair-ruffling days, Clifton is the best choice. The water is pretty chilly but there are many hot-‘n-sweaty-bronzed-babes that brave the waves. It’s also a super beach to people watch, as your neighbour is a little closer to you than on some of the other beach coves. Perfect for those who love to eavesdrop – you’ll get to overhear all kinds of conversations, from teen gossip, bar and restaurant reviews to ‘big’ deals being made! Oh, and did I mention you’ll also be able to salivate at the gorgeous beach bungalows that line the beach too?

As on Llandudno, there are no cafés or stores nearby but you’ll find drinks, crisps and ice-lollies sold (and again, you’ll be able to practice your ‘beach jingle’).


Muizemburg Beach
Moving away from the Atlantic Ocean and to the warmer Indian Ocean you’ll find Muizemburg Beach on the False Bay coast. One of my favourites, it feels as if it somehow got stuck in time somewhere between the 70’s and now, no doubt because of the retro looking pavilion and the primary-coloured Victorian ‘bathing boxes’ / changing huts. It’s a long beach (stretching 20kms) with perfect surfing waters, where the colour of the ocean and sky merge on the horizon, here you’ll find many sun-streaked surfer dudes and gals looking for a bitchin’ wave to drop in to! It’s also a fun beach for mini swimmers and boogie boarders alike because of its warm, shallow water. If you’re a ‘Barney’* and need a few more lessons then there are a few surf schools that are run out of the Pavilion across the road from the beach.
In the same pavilion, across the road from the beach on … erm …Beach Road … you can hire wetsuits, boards and beach brollies. You can also pick from a variety of food options, from burgers and fries, fish and chips and coffee and pastries. We ate lunch at Live Bait which has a fabulous view and the food is tasty!
*An inexperienced surfer, or someone who’s no good at surfing.


Boulders Beach
Made famous by the four African Penguins who made Boulders their home in 1982, there is now a colony of more than 3 000 of these tuxedo-ed birds. While there is a small swimming beach at Boulders, the main reason to come to the beach is to view the penguins from Foxy Beach which is protected, but you can easily hangout watching the birds from the beautifully constructed boardwalks. The walk along the long these boardwalks is truly beautiful and even in peak season (when we were there) it’s not that crowded. After watching the birds for a while (I was trying to figure out how I could fit one into one of these bags) you can head to the swimming beach where kids will love climbing the large granite boulders and splashing in the rock pools. There is lots to explore here and you’ll find relaxed penguins sunning themselves on the rocks too – so you can get right up close* for perfect selfie opp – after all, they’re always red-carpet ready!
There is food available, some vending machines for drinks and a few Braai (BBQ) areas – but a packed picnic is always a good idea.
*be warned that they can snap when threatened and their beaks are pretty sharp!


If you’re passing through South Africa’s bustling capital, be sure to check this out!


5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

Even if you have never stepped foot onto a yoga mat before, there are lots of reasons to pack a bag and immerse yourself in the ancient practice of poses, breathing and meditation for a few days with no other distractions.
I did just that at the end of last year – I packed a weekend bag filled with stretchy sweat pants (thanks LuluLemon!), a re-usable water bottle, some body-fitting comfy tops, a yoga mat, a swimsuit for good measure and headed for Chiang Mai in Thailand. This particular yoga retreat was organised by The Yoga Room, an intimate yoga studio in Hong Kong, and taught by the gorgeous, stretchy yogini Nora Lim. It was a four day retreat held at  The Pavana Resort  – a holistic resort with great vegetarian food and spa (very important!)

Here are my top five reasons why everyone should find a retreat, make the time to go and indulge in yoga, meditation, pranayama and yourself :

  1. You practice yoga every single day – sometimes a few times a day. If you’re a newbie to Downward facing dogs, forward bends and back bends, this will give you an awesome introduction where you get to try them out and allow your body to get used to the movement. If you’ve had a taste of chair pose and cobra then a retreat is the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of these poses.
  2. Slow and steady – when we’re in the thick of work and life and we do manage to find time for yoga , it’s usually only for an hour or 75 minutes and then it’s right back into the throws of “life as usual”. On a retreat you have the time to savour the poses, the teachings and the quiet, indulging  your body and mind to absorb your hard work. You’ll have the time and space to experiment and relearn your physical abilities.
  3. Detox – you’ll detox your body by eating organically grown, delicious food that allows the body to rest and ‘restart’ and the yoga poses will naturally detox your digestive system and the deeper breathing will revitalise your cells. You also get a change to digitally detox. No urgent deadlines, calls, emails, messages – you have permission allow yourself to switch-off and reboot.
  4. New friends – you’ll meet new people with like-minded ideals and interests. There’s already a common reason to why you’ve all come to the retreat. You’ll have interesting conversations and an opportunities to share thoughts on yoga, meditation and spirituality in whatever form you’re comfortable with – retreats are designed to be inclusive and nurturing with openness and compassion being one of the main goals. You might leave with a new perspective, new habits, mindfulness, as well as a handful of new friends.
  5. You deserve the time-out – it’s a gift to yourself, a few days for you to pause. It’s human nature to want to be the best version of yourself, a retreat specifically with yoga allows the space you need to observe what this version is at present and how you would like it to be formed in the future. You have the chance to feel your physical body and listen to your mind.“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ by RumiA huge thanks to The Yoga Room team for the wonderful, well run and beautiful retreat with Nora – looking forward to the next one..
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Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder


It’s here! The Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder beauty collection – and it doesn’t disappoint! I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham – in fact I was even a fan of Posh Spice back in the 90’s when I learnt all the moves to Wannabe and I was mildly obsessed with Posh’s sexy figure-hugging ensembles. Victoria has turned out to be the best chameleon of change and the fashion world’s latest dahling, shedding her Spice Girl image and creating her eponymous clothing line of contemporary, sexy and feminine shapes that have fashion media tongues wagging every season.

As the song lines go,”If you want my future forget my past, If you wanna get with me better make it fast, Now don’t go wasting my precious time, Get your act together we could be just fine.”

And they do seem to get their act together in Beckham household, as well as designing a more playful sister range, Victoria, and creating a collaboration with US retailer Target to launch in April 2017, Mama Beckham has also added beauty queen to her resumé.

I attended the glam Hong Kong launch, held at the equally elegant Upper House, where VB’s exclusive range of must-have products in collab with global cosmetics giant Estee Lauder was on display.  The range comprises four looks of different eye and lip product combinations – you just have to decide which look you like best – New York, London, L.A. or  Paris. Yeah, tough call, probably just worth buying the whole lot!


img_4030But, if I’m forced to narrow it down, my favourite products are the Morning Aura illuminating creme (part moisturiser, part illuminating primer), the Eye Foil (a sparkley liquid eye-shadow) and the Chilean Sunset lipstick from the Paris look – all three products deliver a glowy, sexy and “I woke up like this” look (well as close as possible!)

Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder is available now – but RUSH, it’s selling out fast!






When Nature takes over – Tours de Merles

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a nature kinda girl. It’s not that I have anything against Mother Nature but I’m more of a city beast and so activities such as hiking, nature walking and rock climbing are not on the top of my to-do-list. However, it’s hard not to be impressed by the force of nature when one comes across a tourist sight such as Les Tours de Merle in France. Donning my sneakers we climbed the rocky paths and stone staircases of this ancient citadel and castle dating back to the 12th century, which was later classified as an Historical monument in 1927.

My boys were in their element imagining how the Medieval knights lived, put ‘badies’ in the stocks and stood guard over seven castles, two chapels, a citadel and a whole village, which is pretty hard to imagine when you see the tangled ruin that has been left.
What is completely fascinating to me is this picture-perfect example of how Mother Nature will eventually win over what we as human build. Author of the book, The World Without Us, Alan Wiseman (good name huh?) estimates it would only take about 500 years for nature to completely reclaim the earth should all humans die out – thats not such a long time considering the planet is 4.5 million years old!

If you’re ever in France, head to the Tour de Merles – nature is slowly swallowing this beautiful, tranquil sight so you may not have too long! Plus it’s definitely the perfect place to take the kiddos too!










Party Props!

Since our trip to France time has flown too fast – it’s almost been a month! I’ve been wanting to upload the look I wore for my Mom’s birthday party for a while, and finally it’s here and what could be more easy than an LBD?

Yup, a little dress that one can throw into a suitcase is always a must when travelling and preferably one that isn’t high maintenance! I’ve added a pair of black pair of skinnies here, the weather was a little chilly that night and these came in super useful. In fact a pair of black skinny denims are possibly the most versatile piece of clothing ever made! So I paired the two together, added a few props (we decorated the tables with loads of these fun Photobooth props and even made a few of our own) and teamed the look with my ‘shoe-du-jour’, the lace-up flat.
I alsways find it hard to decide on a wardrobe for two weeks, especially when you’re changing continents and weather conditions, as well as moving from countryside to city and picking clothes that can be worn for ‘casual days with the kiddos’ to ‘party with the adults’.
So, my three must-haves are here … a cute dress, black skinny jeans and the perfect pair of casual-to-smart flat shoes. Add a little clutch and you’re all set for a country party in rural France as well as a night on the town in the city.











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Denims, Uniqlo
Dress, Similar one here
Lace-up flats, Pedder Red
Clutch, (Similar one here) Saint Laurent Paris

Special thanks to my sister-in-law and photographer Selina Gardner-Morrison

September’s Camera Roll


September has been such a busy and exciting month that my camera roll was more bloated than usual! Watching Autumn start on two continents, Hong Kong and Europe and experiencing their total differences, exploring more of my new home city – tram rides, beach trips and indoor evening swims. Packing for a two week trip to France to celebrate my gorgeous Mama’s 30×2 birthday in the serene french countryside, catching up with family and friends and even enjoying the brilliant blue, sunny skies poolside!
Sightseeing old medieval villages and ruins and long days watching my boys play in the green lush garden of an exquisitely restored mill. Then heading north to Paris on the train (4 hours to enjoy my favourite magazines, bliss!) Visiting our favourite cafés in our old neighbourhood, shopping the best Parisian streets and spending evenings with friends (while wearing my new feather bangles and lace shirt). It’s been an amazing month.

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Falling for Autumn


The family and I have been back in France for the last two weeks to celebrate my mama’s birthday, which btw has been far too much fun. Spending time in the French countryside in Autumn is magnificent. Big blue skies and soft sunshine during the day whilst sightseeing the local villages and evenings spent by the fire drinking red wine – who could ask for more?

This countryside doesn’t exactly call for high fashion, so as the leaves turn from bright green to dirty yellow, a cozy jersey and muted layers are the best wardrobe pieces for comfort and a bit of warmth.

On one of our daily explorations, we stopped by the medieval town of Martel to snap a few photos (taken by my talented sister-in-law) while the locals set up for a medieval festival!

I love this cozy cream jersey, (the tie in the front adds a cute detail making it a little less ‘grandma’) and I find myself still reaching for summer’s denim shirt – worn here around the hips (so 90’s but so versatile!)

And to complete the look? Why, of course, a casual pair of sneakers and big sunnies. I’m loving these black and neon kicks from New Balance and these mask-aviators from Valentino.

I find that layering is the easiest way to transition my wardrobe between seasons. It allows me to hold onto a few key items from the previous season – like the denim shirt – but to add some essential, exciting new-season additions at the same time, ’cause it’s not a new season till we’ve purchased some new trend pieces right? Happy Autumn!









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Denims, Uniqlo
Jersey, Country Road
Denim Shirt, (Similar one here)
Sneakers, New Balance
Mask-aviator Sunglasses, Valentino
Never full MM Handbag, Louis Vuitton

Special thanks to my sister-in-law and photographer Selina Gardner-Morrison

Crazy Cool Hong Kong


Unlike Paris, the city of Hong Kong is completely organic.
Like a Lego City built by a 4-Year-old. Block upon block creating high towers, small kiosks with loads of mismatched colour and tons of small moveable accessories that all have their purpose and story – this is crazy, cool Hong Kong.
There is no grid, no meticulous planning, no unanimity, no organization – what you get is organic and visually energizing. I have walked down this same street dozens of times and I notice something different, my eyes are drawn simultaneously all over the place trying to take in all the detail.
The washing that hangs on the skyscrapers reaching 50 stories, small neon signs begging for you to try the foot massages, road works with their vivid yellow and black cautionary boards, unguarded street-food stalls spewing steam and the strong smell of cuisine cooking, bamboo poles ascending up the sides of weakened structures.

The juxtaposition of colour, the disorganization of the shops overlapping each other and the typography of the millions of signs attracting ones attention is a creative mind’s playground. It’s busy, messy, disorganized, and yet, just like the Lego city everything has it’s use and story.

See more to do in Hong Kong.

Get stoned

The last few seasons have seen blinged-up accessories adorning the catwalks and retail shelves everywhere. Statement neckpieces with shiny stones, finer jewelry with diamonds and diamanté, as well as coloured gemstones to finish off an outfit of the day perfectly. Now, it’s all about returning to the roughest form of the stone – uncut and unpolished. So, If you’re looking for a little something to spoil yourself with, or an inexpensive accessory to add to the upcoming season’s wardrobe, then find yourself a piece of jewellery or an accessory with a raw gemstone or crystal. The choice is endless – think Moonstone, Aquamarine, Morganite, Agate or Rose Quarts – but make sure that the look is unfinished and raw to wear this micro-trend perfectly. Raw stones are also recognised as carrying certain healing qualities within them, but whether you believe in these powers to heal or not, you can’t deny that they have an innate natural beauty that brings an ethereal quality with them.




Yale Sonia


Bourbon & Bowties


Christina Rose Jewelry



Fresh from the Kiln




Kirsten Goss


Saloukee – Lost & Found



How well do you know your Minionistas? Take the Quiz

Erm, heard of the Minions? If not then you MUST have been locked in a dark room in some kind of solitary confinement, ‘cause these little “Despicable Me” break-out stars are the biggest phenomenon at the moment! Every time I open my Facebook page there is a meme of one of them, although I still can never figure out if it’s Stuart, Kevin or Bob, glaring back at me!
You don’t even have to be a 5-year-old, a parent or a Facebook fundi to be stalked by the minute bright yellow, pill-shaped posse – they can be seen everywhere from McDonalds to Selfridges and they even have their own Pantone shade called – you guessed it – Minion Yellow!

The fashpack were not ones to ignore the huge phenomenon either, and big name designers such as Giles Decon and Rupert Sanderson have done collaborations with the minute characters, catapulting minionfever into the world of high fashion – and giving the little yellow army major style cred.

British Vogue starred them on their cover and Suzy Menkes interviews some famous designers on how the Minions have influenced their careers (watch here!)

Now, the clever creative peeps at one of the best loved online fashion stores,, have had a little fun and turned some of the biggest names in fashion into miniature yellow icons with a Minion makeover – yup, they’ve been Minionised into Minionistas (trying saying that really fast over and over!)

So, how well do you know your Minionistas? Take the test!
P.S Answers are aaaaaall the way down – but no cheating now!


Labellecrush-Stylight-Minions 01



Karl Lagerfeld/ Suzy Menkes/ Anna Wintour
Jean-Paul Gaultier/ Alexa Chung/ Vivienne Westwood
Marc Jacobs/ Cara Delevigne/ Donatella Versace
Anna della Russo/ Victoria Beckham/ Valentino
Iris Apfel/ Derek Zoolander/ Franca Sozzani
Grace Coddington/ Choupette/ Isabel Marant

Susie Bubble from Style Bubble
Leandra Medine from Man Repeller
Jules from from Sincerely Jules
Garance Dore
Bryan Boy
Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast
Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad
Scott Shuman from The Sartorialist
Betty from Blog de Betty

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