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The most romantic guy in Paris is 2cm tall!

The other night I came across this fabulous and ingenious Instagram account, @Legocentric, and was totally amused by it. This may have something to do with our apartment being held hostage by these miniature “personage” or Lego men – Their best form of attack is crushing your bare feet in the dark!

I caught up with the creators of these cutely curated images, couple Nicolas and his girlfriend Jen who he credits to having great ideas. Nicolas has been in Paris for 14 years after growing up in France’s south-east region and declares his love for the city. By day he’s a project manager for a consulting firm and so uses his photos as a creative outlet.
He tells me that, “The original idea came to me almost 2 years ago in January 2013, a snowy day in Paris. I thought it would be funny to do a photo with mini figurine feet in the snow on my balcony. I used a mini Playmobil man but then I realized that the Lego men allow more creativity than Playmobil. From then I started collecting the mini figurines and I now have over a hundred. We almost always have a few figurines with us when we go on trips or walk in the city.” He explains that his favorite characters are those who represent him and his girlfriend, Jen. They choose the clothes, the mood on the face and the haircuts all according to the image they want to take – I can’t help but think how romantic that is which is apparent in the photos he takes.

Nicolas recommends the Lego store in So Ouest. He says, “It’s the only place in Paris where Lego figurines can find clothes in their sizes as well as the accessories they want like cameras, bicycles, bags or rollerskates.” I am totally tickled and can’t wait to see what their S/S 2015 collection will look like. Check out Nicolas and Jen’s account, you’ll not only love the images, which also takes you on a journey through Paris, but the captions are witty and super amusant and worth plugging into Google Translate for a giggle!

Now, I wonder if he can make a Lego dude do a selfie? @legocentric


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