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Ditching the guilt for a Happy Twenty Fifteen




While we’re easing our way into a new year and thinking of what 2015 may bring,  I’ve decided to concentrate on a resolution that I started over 10 years ago that became a passion and turned into a deep lifetime love – the practice of yoga.

With two young kids and a busy life it’s not always easy to fit in ‘me time’ and I seem to always find something else that ‘needs’  to be done and so I sacrifice yoga to do these other ‘important’ things.
I want to feel rooted, grounded and balanced, to grow from that solid grounding and be able to follow dreams and ambitions without fear – to surrender to each moment and jump with arms wide open grabbing every opportunity. If you have never done a yoga class I encourage you to try one, it could be the beginning of an awesome love affaire. Or if you too have skipped a few practices while trying to juggle everything else along the way, I hope you find the time to make space for yourself and while you’re at it – DITCH THE GUILT. As women and mamas it seems we spend a ridiculous amount of time worrying about what might not happen and wondering if we’re ‘doing the right thing‘. It serves no purpose but to unsettle the mind, cast doubt and shake your confidence.


So, stay in the moment, do what you love and have a very happy new year.

Wearing: Pants – American Apparel. Top – Zara. Sunglasses – Italia Independent. Rings – Marc by Marc Jacobs and H&M. Bangle – Cartier. 




    • Thank you so much for the comment – sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! Hope you are well and happy, and hope to meet again soon. XO


  1. Vina Janssen says

    It was through yoga that I met you and I will always remember how much you inspired me to continue with my practice. I admire the humility and care you foster through your class. All the best to the new year!


    • Thank you so much for those kind words! without sounding too cheesy, teaching and meeting people like yourself has been one of the biggest gifts of yoga.I hope you and your boys are happy and well Vina. XO


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