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Liberté d’expression – a sad day for Paris.

Freedom of speech. Liberté d’expression.

I have taken this for granted. In the aftermath of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo in the 11th arrondissement in Paris yesterday morning it has left every person I speak to in shock. The turn out in support last night at Place de la Republic was amazing and I’m very proud to call Paris my adopted home. As a South African I am sensitive to how the freedom of our fellow patriots can be taken away, we have a long, sad and well documented history that we have overcome where freedom of speech is respected and each person has a right to their opinion and to be heard.

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ and as I write this blog I am able to have opinions and express myself freely – this can never be taken away from us or our children.
My thoughts are with the families of Charlie Hebdo – this could have happened in any media room I have worked in and to any journalist I know.
A sad day for freedom of speech and Paris.



These photos were taken last summer along Les Berges on the Seine, I love that anyone could pick up a piece of chalk, write or draw and that the small boys are helped and encouraged by the bigger guys. Vive La Liberté d’expression!

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