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January’s SOS Beauty products

I’m literally covered from head to toe. Beanie, top, sweater, scarf, coat, gloves, socks… hardly an inch of my skin shows, but it’s thirsty for love, care and hydration. These are what I’m using at the moment to moisturise, hydrate, illuminate and prime my skin:

Shu uemura depsea water lavender mist:  This morning I woke up to My 4-year-old telling me how lovely I smell, all due to this product! With eight herbal aromas this fine mist leaves the skin feeling hydrated, plus it smells so lovely and fresh. I use it as a toner or just before going to bed – even makes your jimjams smell good!

Benefit speed brow: Colours and sets brows in less than 5 seconds. Really, it’s that quick!

Dermalogica daily microfoliant: I love this microfoliant, and have used it for years. It’s a powder, add water and you’ve got a gentle exfoliant that removes all the days make-up and city grime.
Estée Lauder enlighten even skin stone correcting cream: We’ve heard of BB, CC, DD creams – well this is the first EE cream. Admittedly I get very confused with all this alphabet talk but since this is the perfect time of year to brighten and correct the skin without the added sun exposure, and this moisturiser focuses on hyper-pigmentation and dark spots, it’s the perfect marriage.
Tom ford illuminating primer: One of my favourite products, apply after moisturiser and before foundation leaves the skin with luminous canvas and gives it just the brightening lift against pasty winter skin.
l’anza healing strength been plant silk serum: I’ve just started using this product but I feel I can already see the difference, I think my hair is finally rejoicing for the moisture and love and seems shinier already. Over time it’s meant to strengthen weak and brittle hair and fortify and reduce hair breakage – let’s hope so and that I’ll have long flowing healthier locks in no time.


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