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Jean Paint

Most of the time I’m trying to avoid paint on my pants.
Small children with coloured markers and “fun” water colours with little brushes are never safe! But it doesn’t seem to be the same way at chez Stefani/Rossdale. Gwen has been stepping out a lot recently in these painted denims, that yes, are designer. But I’m just not convinced, they look a little “I’ve been renovating the mansion and got paint all over my jeans”.
But then, Jessica Alba and Rita Ora have also been snapped wearing these paint splattered denims, and surely they can’t ALL be renovating, so I’m assuming this is a ‘three-makes-a-trend”. There, I said it. It’s a trend.

Labellecrush - jeanpaint02

Labellecrush - jeanpaint

Labellecrush - jean paint04

This weekend, I might just let the kids go wild with the paint and markers, let them get all Jackson Pollack on me, but probably not.

Check these out. 







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