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Jean Paint

Most of the time I’m trying to avoid paint on my pants. Small children with coloured markers and “fun” water colours with little brushes are never safe! But it doesn’t seem to be the same way at chez Stefani/Rossdale. Gwen has been stepping out a lot recently in these painted denims, that yes, are designer. But I’m just not convinced, they look a little “I’ve been renovating the mansion and got paint all over my jeans”. But then, Jessica Alba and Rita Ora have also been snapped wearing these paint splattered denims, and surely they can’t ALL be renovating, so I’m assuming this is a ‘three-makes-a-trend”. There, I said it. It’s a trend. This weekend, I might just let the kids go wild with the paint and markers, let them get all Jackson Pollack on me, but probably not. Check these out.             

Nod to the bob

If the Oscar red carpet is anything to go by, then we should all be rushing out and getting our hair cropped into an awesome long-bob right this minute! Forget about Scarlett’s short back and sides, I mean how many of us can really pull that off anyway, the haircut of the moment is chic, sophisticated and hot – and while you’re at it, make sure you’re styling it to the side!

Oh how they twinkled on the Golden Globes red carpet

Not only does the Golden Globes kick off the most glam season in Tinseltown but it’s my favourite awards show. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first – there’s no red-carpet fatigue yet – and I love it because it’s more like a super-chic runway show. Celebs showing off the best dress, jewels, heels, make-up, hair… the list of inspiration is endless! Never mind all the PR that designers get at this time of year too, yes they might sink hundreds of thousands into their runways shows twice a year but this is when they really get noticed. Here are my favourites of the 72nd Golden Globes which took place on Sunday night – and they just happen to be hard working fabulous moms too! Reese Witherspoon in her long strapless and ultra-sparkley Calvin Klein dress took my breath away, it took 80 hours to make and came with this personal note from Mr Klein (see below)! It’s the simplicity if the gown that makes it so elegant, the perfect balance between simple and sparkle. And how cute it the …

The Original Bag of Bling

I was first introduced to Whiting & Davis during Paris Fashion week two years ago. It’s not like I hadn’t seen these blingy meshed handbags before, in fact I had owned a gold high street version a few years back when they along with anything metallic became a huge runway trend. Little did I know that this mesh bag dates back to 1876 and is the oldest handbag company in America. Whiting & Davis was the very first company to create these uniquely crafted handbags using brass metal. It was Charles Whiting who took the ancient art of chain mail, think knights in armour, and created an exquisite fabric that became a three-inch square purse with a delicate twist closure in 1892. Whiting partnered with Edward Davis and so the house of Whiting & Davis was born. A few years later the laborious process of weaving the links and rings by hand became mechanized allowing the business to grow rapidly and it became the powerhouse for mesh fashion and jewelry. The duo continued to create …

La Petite Poche (AKA The mini Bag)

Yes, the mini-bag, we’ve seen them everywhere right? The red carpet is one thing but we’re seeing celebs carrying them on their morning coffee run as they’re snapped with large shades and grande lattes in hand – damn that LA sun all year round! But seriously, do these A-listers have a secret handler carting the rest of their stuff? Where the hell does it all go, or perhaps unlike me they aren’t having to lug the snack, the water bottle, the juice carton, the toy Transformer, the cell phone, the nude lipstick, the lip balm, the red lipstick, the lipgloss .. really I could go on. Surely all these celebs with their miniature sacks are really just dashing to the convenience store for a loaf of gluten-free bread therefore just needing a few coins in there right? Or perhaps this miniscule bag is in fact carried around in their giant-size never-full and they whip it out with their essentials while leaving the big sack in the car/with the handler?! Yup! That must be it! Of course I’m …