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La Petite Poche (AKA The mini Bag)

Yes, the mini-bag, we’ve seen them everywhere right? The red carpet is one thing but we’re seeing celebs carrying them on their morning coffee run as they’re snapped with large shades and grande lattes in hand – damn that LA sun all year round!

But seriously, do these A-listers have a secret handler carting the rest of their stuff? Where the hell does it all go, or perhaps unlike me they aren’t having to lug the snack, the water bottle, the juice carton, the toy Transformer, the cell phone, the nude lipstick, the lip balm, the red lipstick, the lipgloss .. really I could go on. Surely all these celebs with their miniature sacks are really just dashing to the convenience store for a loaf of gluten-free bread therefore just needing a few coins in there right? Or perhaps this miniscule bag is in fact carried around in their giant-size never-full and they whip it out with their essentials while leaving the big sack in the car/with the handler?! Yup! That must be it!

Of course I’m into the trend, who wouldn’t be when my over-sized and heavy handbag is giving me back pain all day? Plus I hear that these small sac-a mains aren’t going anywhere soon, so best I buy a “honey-I-shrunk-the-kids Shrink Ray” machine so I can pint-size everything I own. Either that, or invest in a military-style over-sized trench with a gazillion pockets!

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