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All my favourites to primp & prime…

I’ve got less time while juggling all the other stuff along with kids, so this is the stuff that sits in my bathroom cupboard to make it easy, fast and of course, pretty.

  1. Lancôme Soleil Bronzer – it’s a sun BB cream. Pretty much a 30 SPF sunscreen, moisturizer and light foundation all in one. Easy! I love it because it doesn’t flake like some others do and it leaves the skin protected and glowing.
  2. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne – I can’t say I’m a fan of all the Jo Malone Scents, I do find some of them a little “linen spray-ish” (Febreez jumps to mind!) for my liking but this new fragrance is the perfect mix of light with an edge. I love it so much I got the big one and two travel size ones.
  3. Clarins Shimmer Body Oil – I had orgionally bought this at the beginning of summer, imagining hot beachy evenings, my tanned body glowing with a glittering radiance, which did work of course. But I’m even finding that without the tan, the beach and the sun, sigh… it’s an awesome product for illuminating and moisturizing winter skin.
  4. Smashbox Reflection High Gloss Lipgloss – I’ve often felt that lipgloss can look a little “teen” on me, especially one with shimmer but it seems the brand born out of a photo studio manages to get it right. It’s thick and glossy and more Milla than Miley.
  5. Estee Lauder Re-Nutrive Ultimate Diamond Sculpting/Re-finishing Dual Infusion – Well with a name like that you’d expect a magic potion out of a fairytale that defies ageing and brings with it a very rich prince! It does come pretty close, although no Prince. It’s the coolest packaging that has two separate vials that when pressed blend together and leaves your skin feeling velvet-y soft, perhaps this is as close as it gets to that magic potion.
  6. Tom Ford eye shadow palette – I am a huge TF fan and the eye shadows are superb, no caking in the eye crease and the pigment lasts all day.
  7. Dior Star foundation – I have to admit that I was totally suckered by Natalie Portman’s flawless skin on the adverts here, and although it hasn’t quite delivered on that promise (perhaps a bit much to ask for) I can say that it’s a goodie. SPF 30, excellent coverage with a luminescent finish… what more could a girl want?
  8. Tom Ford Violet Blonde – It’s a sexy, strong, modern fragrance that turns even the plainest black outfit (this is Paris after all and black is THE colour) into something glamorous and sultry.

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