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Au clair de la lune




As if Paris isn’t romantic enough without a full moon, but lucky for me a saturday night stroll to see the Christmas lights and the market on the Champs Elysees surprisingly brought with it a beautiful full moon over the famous city of lights. One of my favourite walks in the french capital starts from nearby our apartment. We cross over Pont d’Alma gazing at the Louvre in the distance and the Bateaux Mouches as they hug camera flashing tourists on their decks, we walk up Avenue Montaigne while window browsing the most famous luxury stores and meet the Champs Elysees. Turning right we walk along the busy avenue watching the crazy drivers while admiring the symmetry of the Arc de Triomphe as it mirrors the Place de la Concorde. The Grand Palais greets you on the right, it’s contemporary-looking glass roof juxtaposing it’s early Beaux-Arts columns. As you get closer to the Alexandre III bridge it’s hard not to feel as if you’re in a movie – the river beneath, and the glowing lamp posts make even the coldest of nights romantic and beautiful.

It’s a walk full of history and beauty that I never get bored of.

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