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The devil on my shoulder

A lot of my email box is full of spam! Yes, I know at some point it is me that has signed up for the spa/Groupon/cosmetics/fashion/sales newsletter, but I do spend a disproportionate amount of time deleting these annoying daily mailers. However, there is THE one that gets me all tingly when I hear the “ping” noise as it pops into my inbox. As soon as it arrives, it’s bold subject line taunts me until I direct that little arrow and press click… vestiairecollective. A site dedicated to buying and selling pre-owned luxury items from Alaïa to Zadig & Voltaire. It’s my daily drug, the devil on my shoulder, the solid-sugar-covered-in-candy-lollipop to my inner child! Erm… just got to go check on those red Chloe Susanna boots – wish me luck!

Just click here…

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