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Move Over Choupette Lagerfeld, there’s a new Kitty in town…


It’s not often I think about having a little girl, well unless I see them twirling in princess dresses with cute bows in their hair, or when a children’s book like this one comes along…
This read has it all! Style, humour, striking illustrations, a beautiful ending and best of all, stunning handbags. I loved following Coco Le Chat, written by South African born Nadine Rubin Nathan, and her fabulous wardrobe of glitzy tutus and extraordinary fascinators to my all time favourite city – New York. The pampered Parisian pussy takes you around the Big Apple dazzling the paparazzi while visiting renowned hotels, shopping the finest department stores and even lunching with a famous Editor (Psssst, can you guess?) If you’re a mama of girls (I tried very hard with my boys, but they kept asking about the one sports car that appeared on one of the pages completely missing the point!) they will love the mix of real life photography and illustration. They will revel in Coco’s outfits, the bright colours, her rhyming adventures and my best part, the feel-good ending where she finds a friend – after all, what’s the fun in shoes and bags if you have no-one to share them with? Perhaps Coco and Choupette should be besties after all!

Coco Le Chat The World’s most fashionable Feline. Words by Nadine Rubin Nathan, Photography by Paul Nathan and illustrated by Jennifer Cascino. Available on and

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  1. Barbara Lowy says

    So happy to see that you are getting the appreciation and applause that you deserve. Congratulations to you from yet another fan.


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