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Splash out on him!




Move over 50 Shades of Grey – seems I’m happy with the Orlebar Brown catalogue that was just slipped through our mailbox this morning. I know what you’re thinking and yes, obviously it’s the well-tailored swim shorts in this mini-mag that got me all warm and fuzzy and not the models sans shirts! Mom jeans, ill-fitting swimwear and thick rubber-sold shoes are on my list of worst wardrobe faux pas, the others are for another day but to help with number two on my list we applaud the British brand Orlebar Brown. The creation of Adam Brown, who noticed on a holiday with friends that all the women around the pool looked great but the men didn’t (I’m guessing a smorgasbord of speedos and down-to-the-knee over-sized boardies), so he decided to create a range of shorts that you could splash in but that you needn’t change out of when heading for lunch – Thank you Adam, the female population is forever indebted. The collection is a mix of plain colours, patterns and printed photographs that are unique, practical, trendy, cool, cutting-edge … I could go on, but go see for yourself and get your guy a pair for Christmas, they come beautifully packaged too!

P.S Six-pack not included.


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