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Oui! Colette, J’arrive!

Colette in Paris isn’t a new store – however it is still one of my fave concept cult stores to visit. I popped in there on a saturday afternoon and it was full of young, trendy locals and visitors to the city. Their book collection is one of the best I’ve seen, they have a great selection of fashion biographies that will make any fashion lover tingle. I spotted a very chic tourist glancing through How to be Parisian wherever you are, written by four french women who have been friends forever and decided to put together a very funny manual on how to be parisian chic (I grabbed a copy, will let you know how my transformation goes!). The upstairs section of the store is my favourite, you’ll always find interesting pieces that have been perfectly curated for the girl looking for the extraordinary and it’s impossible to walk out of the store without buying something – this time I got myself a pair of gorgeous Ancient Greek Sandals, the fantastic cult-ish shoe brand, gaining a major celeb following. I am in love with them! (see my post).

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