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Converse goes from generic to universally personalised

I purchased my very first pair of Converse recently, all because I found a pair that I really love. I’ve always found the sneakers a little generic, which I know is why they are so popular, but have never enticed me. However, this season, not only have I finally found a pair that I like and so have been “convers-ted” but the footwear house’s innovative summer 2015 campaign totally appeals to me too.






The Campaign, labeled “Made by You”, searched the planet and collected the personal pairs of the original Chuck Taylor All Stars from both well-known and anonymous fashion enthusiasts, musicians, artists and skateboarders. They’ve then shot each pair highlighting how this “generic” high-top has been completely personalised and individialised. You can see in the pics how each pair has been painted, drawn-on, studded, beaten-up and dyed and most of them completely worn-in and treasured. Vice President of Global Marketing at Converse says, “We all want to be authentically ourselves,” and continues that, “Fans of Chuck Taylor are those that have made it a symbol of creativity. It was time for us their pay tribute.”

While mine still have a way to go to being worn-in, they are loved, and the blue, red and white basket weave is walking me comfortably around the streets of Paris.
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Image Shot by Jonathan Jones
Campaign images courtesy of Converse

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