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Checking Gingham off my list

While the Parisians are pretty hasty to pull out their spring trends as soon as the weather feels a few degrees warmer, I’m yet to find a Parisienne garbed in Gingham – why you ask? Probably because no French woman in her right mind would walk around looking like a bistro table! Sacré Bleu! I know that “lady-like gingham” or “Grown-up Gingham” is making a comeback this season, mainly thanks to Diane Von Furstensburg, Michael Kors, Joseph Altuzarra and Oscar de la Renta but I’m just not a follower.
I’m reminded of Judy Garland’s pinafore dress in the Wizard of Oz, Romcom movies of “his and hers” picnics in the Hamptons, 40’s bathing suites and my school uniform!

So no matter how pretty or updated this monochromatic fabric has been made – beautifully transformed into chic tailored suits or sheer flowing summer dresses, and by some of the most talented designers I might add – I’m going to be leaving this trend safely under my baguette and wine at my local bistro.

Are you a fan? Are you planning a little Gingham Style for spring?
Let me know what you think.

Labellecrush-Gingham copy

Catwalk Images:

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