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Spring into Palazzo Pants

With the change of season and the longing for hot summer days I see no reason why not to wear a pair of ultra wide-legged trousers – also known as Palazzo pants. I love these ‘I’m really a pair of pants but look like a skirt’ pieces of fashion; they have such a cheeky sense of humour.

Finding their way onto the fashion scene in the late 60’s, these comfy, practical and elegant pants became super popular because various stuffy restaurants owners at the time didn’t like contemporary fashion trends where womenfolk were wearing trousers, and so they refused to allow these modern gals into their establishments unless they were sporting a dress. And so, some of our awesome predecessors decided to outwit these ‘rules’ and opted to introduce Palazzo trousers into their evening wardrobes (ah ha! Take that you stuffy, sexist so-and-sos). Subsequently a trend arose that reoccurs on the catwalks every few seasons – and here they are again for Spring 2015!

They shout relaxed, easy and cool whist being feminine and practical. I personally think they can be a little tricky to wear, you have to find the right pair for you, and should be worn with a tighter top to show the body’s silhouette; otherwise you risk looking like a tree-trunk with a big ass. I like them long and worn with heels – although with street-casual still being a strong trend, wearing them with sneakers is completely appropriate too. I especially love these striped, maxi ones with rope belt from Zara because they add even more length with the horizontal stripe making one seem super-human tall and the black and white means you can mix and match them with both black and white and various colours.

Go on, find yourself a pair and wear them once a week when you feel like something a little more comfy but chic – you might surprise yourself and never take them off!

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look06

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look01

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look07

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look08

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look02

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look03

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look04

Labellecrush - Barbara Bui look05

Jardins de Luxembourg, Paris, April 2015

Palazzo Pants, Zara
Leather Jacket, H&M Conscious Exclusive collection
Madness Handbag, Barbara Bui
Shoes, Barbara Bui
Folding Clubmaster Sunglasses, Ray Ban
Lucky Star Stud earrings, Kirsten Goss London
Black resin and Diamond Ring, Situ Diamond Jewellery
Silver bracelet Anoki

Photos by Jonathan Jones


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