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Ola! I’m off to ESPAÑOL-A!

By this time every year after a few months of heavy winter coats, cozy scarves, thick socks and hardcore boots I’m itching to get some sun, sea and beach. May in France is full of holidays so gives the ideal time to break away and find some much-needed soleil au bord de la mer – although I don’t need any excuse to explore and travel! Our spring destination this year is Majorca, the ancient and largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Majorca has a long history that dates back to the Neolithic period of history, but the Phoenicians were the first to colonise the Island and then it was the Romans who founded the capital, Palma. After being conquered over the centuries and changing hands many times now the Island is part of Spain and attracts plenty of tourists and travellers with it’s beautiful coastlines, interesting history and picturesque architecture. Big blue sunny skies, long hot days, late tapas dinners, sand and sea… So what does a girl pack for such a holiday? Well, I’ve …

Calling all Space-agers (and small knights)

Last week my son came home with an entire Knights costume made from aluminium foil. Not only is this DIY costume crazy shiny and naturally I was impressed with his armour making skills, but more importantly I completely taken by how “on trend” his pre-school is – they MUST surely know that metallic silver was all over the spring/summer 2015 catwalks! Here is some inspiration to get your metallic on, (Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Barbara Bui were a few designers to lead the way) it’s the perfect way to transition your wardrobe from winter to summer adding a little bling to get the new season jump-started – and remember the shinier the better! Image sources:, Pinterest,,

Bloomin’ style

When I first arrived in Paris I went on an induction to the city, a day where you mix with other ‘newbies’ to the City of Love an gather practical information that will help to settle you. This induction was labelled “Bloom where you’re Planted” – a gorgeous concept for anyone starting a new life in a new place. New job, new house or neighbourhood or moving to a different country with a foreign language and culture, everyone has experienced being the new guy at some point. And so, with SS2015 collections hitting the stores soon, and the strong influence of florals in all colours and forms, I’m reminded that just being “planted” is one thing, but to “Bloom” is quite another. From my experience, you have to ground yourself deeply into your new environment to be able to flourish and fully open yourself to the adventure. So where ever you are planted, here is some inspiration to get your floral on and bloom!   Image sources:, Pinterest,, isisafrica, Marie Claire magazine