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Bloomin’ style



When I first arrived in Paris I went on an induction to the city, a day where you mix with other ‘newbies’ to the City of Love an gather practical information that will help to settle you. This induction was labelled “Bloom where you’re Planted” – a gorgeous concept for anyone starting a new life in a new place. New job, new house or neighbourhood or moving to a different country with a foreign language and culture, everyone has experienced being the new guy at some point. And so, with SS2015 collections hitting the stores soon, and the strong influence of florals in all colours and forms, I’m reminded that just being “planted” is one thing, but to “Bloom” is quite another.

From my experience, you have to ground yourself deeply into your new environment to be able to flourish and fully open yourself to the adventure. So where ever you are planted, here is some inspiration to get your floral on and bloom!





Image sources:, Pinterest,, isisafrica, Marie Claire magazine

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