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Here comes the sun

Doesn’t summer just make us happy? Sunshine, green grass, blue skies, pineapples and one of my favourite places to hangout in – the Luxembourg Gardens (yes… I may have mentioned this before!) And even though the Parisians have a bad reputation for saying ‘non‘ to most things – along with the famous shoulder shrug and ‘bof‘ – it’s trés hard to say ‘non‘ to beautiful summer days in Paris. By now you may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of the “jean-pant”! and even in mid-summer I can’t let go of my denims fetish, so a pineapple, a visor (the best sun blocker!) and a bright yellow pouch and voilá, hello summer! Oh and the little ditty ‘here comes the sun’ playing in my head. P.S I have to add that since moving to Hong Kong I realise that the visor it’s a Chinese mid-summer staple and not just a fleeting fashion trend, so I am absolutely embracing the visor – I’ll be the blonde on the beach under the black visor, find me on Instagram! Leave your comments, share …

Reflecting white

Just before heading east to Hong Kong, I managed a few more shoots in the beautiful city of Paris. With the backdrop of such an architecturally rich city it inspires one to “up ones game” and look chic even if in a pair of denims (did I mention how much I love a pair of denims?) I also love this summer’s all-white trend and I’ve longingly looked at the white denims in store and lusted after a pair, but each time I’ve slipped them on, they just don’t look right on me. So, instead I’ve found myself a light grey pair that I’m more comfortable in and works with summer’s lights ‘n whites – with the added help of these voguish Spartan sandals from IRO of course (totally obsessed with them). I’ve been able to mix and match these denims with almost everything and cheat on the all-white look too. So, if like me, you love the idea of summer whites but can’t bring yourself to wear an actual pair of white denims, then go for the …

Up on the hill

Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, February 2015 WEARING Top available at The Sheds, 1Foxstreet Boyfriend jeans by Zara Sunglasses by Italia Independent Jelly sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals Bracelets and charms by Pandora Handbag By Louis Vuitton Watch by Cartier Photos By Chris Saunders

Shades of Blue

    Jardin des Tuileries, Paris / Tuileries Garden, Paris, January 2015 – on an extremely cold day! WEARING Top by Les Petites Paris Denims by Zara Leather Jacket by Maje Shoes by Jonak Bag by Louis Vuitton Watch and love bangle by Cartier Photos By Jonathan Jones