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Here comes the sun

Doesn’t summer just make us happy? Sunshine, green grass, blue skies, pineapples and one of my favourite places to hangout in – the Luxembourg Gardens (yes… I may have mentioned this before!) And even though the Parisians have a bad reputation for saying ‘non‘ to most things – along with the famous shoulder shrug and ‘bof‘ – it’s trés hard to say ‘non‘ to beautiful summer days in Paris.

By now you may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of the “jean-pant”! and even in mid-summer I can’t let go of my denims fetish, so a pineapple, a visor (the best sun blocker!) and a bright yellow pouch and voilá, hello summer! Oh and the little ditty ‘here comes the sun’ playing in my head.

P.S I have to add that since moving to Hong Kong I realise that the visor it’s a Chinese mid-summer staple and not just a fleeting fashion trend, so I am absolutely embracing the visor – I’ll be the blonde on the beach under the black visor, find me on Instagram!

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Black sun visor, &OtherStories
Denims, Zara
Lace & tassle top, Zara
Leather sandals, Ancient Greek Sandals
Oui/Non clutch, Kenzo
Wooden bracelet, H&M
Ball Hook Gold earrings, &otherstories
Pineapple iPhone cover, H&M

Photos by Jonathan Jones


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