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Sitting FROW at Lan Yu Couture at Paris fashion week


Last night I donned my FROW shoes and headed of to the Grand Palais with my gorgeous friend and model Ingrid Seynhaeve to watch Lan Yu‘s haute couture show. Lan Yu is one of China’s leading couture designers and her previous collections of dreamy wedding dresses make any girl want to get married… or in my case, married again!

In last night’s show however there were no white bridal gowns but a striking collection of bright red couture gowns that reflect her personal commitment to preserving and sharing her Chinese culture whilst catering to a contemporary western customer. Her particular passion for the fine art of suzhou (a special technique of the Chinese art of embroidery whose secrets have been passed down through three generations of family) is seen throughout the collection and each gown is a unique masterpiece combining lace, satin and feathers. She’s combined these textures with transparent layers that carefully show off this embroidery skill and even though I would have nowhere to wear one of these showpieces a girl can certainly dream of having one in her closet!

I also rubbed shoulders with a few well-known actresses who came to watch Lan Yu’s talent. Australian-born actress Natasha Andrews (who’s hair was done in the coolest off-centre high-knot) known for her role in Magic in the Moonlight, she lives in Paris and is also girlfriend to Pierre Niney from the Yves Saint Laurent 2014 movie. Actress Dolores Chaplin, grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin and Lolita Chammah, who has recently been nominated for a César for her role in Gaby Baby Doll – best I be heading to the cinema now!


 The FROWers : Lolita Chammah, Ingrid Seynhaeve, Dolores Chaplin and Natasha Andrews

 Photos courtesy of Fetiveau RP

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