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Make me pretty one lash at a time



At first, having eyelash extensions made me a little nervous – I mean, I didn’t want to rock up at school-pick up looking like a drag queen (after all the french mamas like to do things trés naturelle)! There are the obvious worries such as my own eyelashes falling out and never growing back or the glue creating small noticeable snot-balls on the eyelid! Eeuw! All these thoughts were enough to keep me layering on my favourite mascaras for eternity.
But there’s no better time than the holiday season right? So I finally did it and they are perfect. I opted for the safest and shortest length available as I wanted thickness more than length and they are super sexy, save on time and my four-year-old thinks I look like a princess! I luuuurve them!

If you’re a virgin, then here are a few tips:

– Find a reputable salon, ask around – and don’t go too cheap either, they last around 6 weeks so you want them to be professionally done with care and precision.
– The first 24-48 hours are the most crucial for the longevity of your lashes. That means no steam rooms, no hot yoga, no long steamy showers.
– After showering or sleeping comb your lashes with a clean old mascara brush or ask your salon/lash expert for a brush.
– Look after your natural lashes, use a growth serum (RapidLash is my favourite) or an eyelash conditioner (try two-in-one Smashbox Lash Revival Treatment conditioner), this will create a stronger support for the extensions resulting in durability.

If you’re in Paris, contact Wendy at Supercils (she is awesome and an anglophone!) If you’re in any other city share your “luciously lashes” place, we’d love to know.


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