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Multiple piercings, it’s a thing.

A few months ago I had a third hole pierced in my ears. The last installment to my trilogy didn’t feel as extreme as when belly rings were en vogue and I had that done, or when I had the top of my ear pierced or the secret tattoo inked. However, I most definitely DID feel like a teenager when I walked into the brightly coloured neon-lit Claire’s Accessories and sat on the cheerful pink high-chair (surrounded by Hello Kitty paraphernalia!) and was presented with a plethora of rainbow coloured earring options by a young nervous working student who was about to shoot my ear with a lethal dart gun (Okay, not that dramatic I guess!). But, yes, it most definitely hurt!

If you’ve been thinking about getting another hole done then you’ll be pleased to know that now, more than ever, with earrings and piercings once again popping up on the A/W 2015 catwalks there is no better time than now after all!

Labellecrush-3's a trend03Erm, okay so not quite what I had in mind as the Givenchy girls, Balenciaga babes and Manish Aurora’s models were a little extreme for my tastes, and I’m certain I’d garnish a few odd looks, however I am loving DKNY’s multi-ring ear cuff (why not fake it right?) and the myriad of great combinations on Instagram and Pinterest.

Labellecrush-3's a trend08

So whether you get yourself another jab in the ear or you fake it with the multitude of options out there from ear cuffs to clip-ons, be sure to adorn your ears as soon as possible. It’s a quick and easy way to accessorise yourself in the morning and add a little “rock” to your look, be sure to mix and match too – have fun!

Labellecrush-3's a trend02

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